What We Do

Without a defined purpose, businesses are left exposed to consumer doubt and skepticism that can easily damage brand reputation.  RightCause is here to set the record straight.

RightCause consultants help businesses in the greater Philadelphia region thrive while serving a greater good. We ensure your business has an active and authentic purpose that resonates with company stakeholders and truly lives in your company's culture. 

Establishing a genuine social purpose humanizes your brand and strengthens customer-company relationships the right way. 



To be a catalyst and coach for businesses to thrive while serving social purpose.


To help businesses generate financial and societal value through mutually beneficial partnerships and marketing that matters.


To be the most comprehensive, trusted and efficient resource for purpose-driven business marketing.


How We Do It

RightCause thinks and operates as an extension of your business. Together, we explore and define your business’s social purpose to subsequently build cause marketing plans that are not only effective, but authentic to your brand’s identity.

Partnerships are a fundamental component of cause marketing and often the determining factor of a campaign’s success. RightCause is your advocate and guide in the development of cross-sector partnerships by fostering strategic, compliant and mutually beneficial relationships on your behalf.

RightCause also helps to incorporate purpose-driven initiatives into your regular business operations by serving as liaison to your internal teams (Marketing/Communications, Human Resources, Compliance, Corporate Citizenship, etc.) We do this to expedite campaign rollouts, maintain work efficiencies, and keep your stakeholders engaged.

And for a truly comprehensive approach, RightCause partners with fellow mission-driven consulting firms for strategy development, execution, and evaluation. By collaborating with strategists, evaluators, researchers, strategic communicators and capacity builders, we can help your business reach its greatest impact potential.

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Why We Do It

The increased demand for purpose-driven business has led many companies to quickly tout lofty, unaligned social initiatives. Without a defined purpose, businesses are left exposed to consumer doubt and skepticism that can easily damage brand reputation.  

We started RightCause to teach businesses the right way to discover their purpose, humanize their brand, and strengthen their customer-company relationships. We do it because we believe:



Every business has the opportunity and responsibility to serve a purpose beyond profit.


Business supporting a greater good, for the right reasons, should do so without fear of jeopardizing good standing.



Businesses committed to an honest purpose will outlast and outperform their competition.


Purpose-driven businesses are most successful when mutually beneficial partnerships are made amongst the community.